Chemical Plant Closure

HM Environmental Services, Inc. was contracted to perform decontamination activities at a former chemical company for plant closure. The building, over 4,500 square feet, was scraped and power washed to remove resin from the floor that had built up over the years. In addition, several areas were oil soaked and required washing.

All wash waters were retained and stored in drums. These and process drummed waste from the plant required sampling from HM and analysis to characterize the waste. Additionally, miscellaneous industrial materials were packaged in drums for containment and disposal. The scope of work included spraying all walls and floor surfaces with a suitable biodegradable cleaner and steam cleaning. A pit of sludge and a small sump were also cleaned. After analysis was received, characterizing wastes, the drums were transported for disposal.

This work was performed in a manner and time frame needed for the company to fulfill terms of a purchase agreement for the property.

Estimated Time of Completion: 4 Weeks

Estimated Cost: $ 36,000.00