Lead Decontamination

HM Environmental Services, Inc. was contracted by a consulting firm to decontaminate a site previously used by owners to burn transformers and lead coated wire. The site was under an Administrative Order by Consent from the USEPA. It was the responsibility of HM to improve approximately 1500 feet of road subsequent to decontaminating the site.

Decontamination took place under level C personal protective equipment. A large amount of debris was scattered throughout the property such as tires, wood and metal. It was necessary to collect this waste in large roll off boxes and dispose of it before excavation. The scope of decontamination work included pressure washing the outer portions of a residential trailer located at the site and removing carpet. A family with children lived in the trailer. They were tested and found to have elevated levels of lead in their blood. Additional out buildings on site also required removal of non hazardous debris and power washing before demolition of the structure. Structures were demolished and disposed. Approximately 50 tons of decontamination debris was removed while close to 500 cubic yards of hazardous debris, including transformers, were also removed. Approximately 3,500 cubic yards of hazardous soil was excavated and taken to a hazardous waste facility. Finally, it was necessary for HM to restore the site with seeding and vegetation.

Estimated Time of Completion: 2 months

Estimated Cost: $134,500.00