Hydro / Air Excavating

Hydro and air excavating are the latest technologies in the science of digging without traditional excavating equipment.  Utilizing air or water, these self contained units force air or water through a steel lance with small stationary or rotating nozzles.  The resulting water slurry, and soil are vacuumed through and eight inch tube into our debris tank for disposal, or re-use as back fill.

Pot Holing / Soft Digging

The technology provides a non-destructive means to safely locate utilities and precisely excavate an area.

This form of excavating is particularly useful for locating underground process piping without the use of traditional excavating equipment.  Compared to mechanical excavation, our vacuum excavator(s) dramatically reduce the likelihood of striking or damaging existing installations.

Non-destructive excavation methods are gaining popularity with underground utility companies, municipalities and other subsurface mechanical contractors.